Dedicated to the supply of high quality coding and marking solutions, icodersolutions is a UK supplier for cost effective printers - Continuous Ink Jet, Thermal Ink Jet, Thermal Transfer Over Printers, Label Printers and the Consumables to help you to reduce the cost of coding without compromise on quality, performance or downtime to keep your production moving.  We achieve this with careful selection of partners who design and manufacture printers for long-term reliable operation and our independent testing to ensure they meet our exacting standards to keep the totalcost of coding to a minimum.   We work with companies who have the same ethos for product quality,  service supply and on-time delivery at economical prices which we are able to pass on to our customers.

BestCode continuous INKJET PRINTER

BestCode continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers offer a cost effective solution for your industrial CIJ coding and marking needs.  Whilst offering very competitive pricing, the 8 Series printers are fully featured with 10.4 inch screen providing a simple icon driven user interface, for fast message creation with edit current print message enabling rapid message changeover, saving time and maximising your production up time.

The stainless steel construction gives IP55 protection as standard, to better protect your printer in wet and dusty conditions, the large air filter combined with dynamic fan speed control ensures adequate air flow for extended service intervals, the high volume ink filters for up to 10,000 hours service intervals for 24/7 operation.  Download product brochure


News and Events

BestCode launches the Next Series 8 Range of Continuous Ink Jet Printing Systems for printing “Small and Large Character” marks and codes. Print real-time “Best By”, “Lot Code”, “Sell By”, “Expiration Codes” and other identifying marks and codes to industrial and consumer goods to ensure product traceability. More information

The icoder X100 thermal inkjet printer is ideal for simple high resolution coding and marking applications.  The simple to operate touch screen display makes message selection and editing quick and simple. 

The HP cartridge with PolyCode ink provides an excellent adhesion for plastics and non porous substrates.  Contact us to learn more about the X100 printer.  More information

The icoder PolyCode ink range has been extended to include Fluorescent anti-counterfeit ink, which  is stimulated by ultraviolet light to glow red. Helping to fight Counterfeit goods in the  cosmetics and perfumes and other sectors.

Food carton Best Before Date and Lot Code, printed with Thermal Inkjet

Thermal inkjet printing PolyCode Ink on to Flexible Packaging - Expiry, date and Lot Coding.

Icoder Thermal INKJET Printer

The X200 TIJ printer with twin head option offers print up to 25.4mm high.  Free text placement, character heights from 1mm up to 12.7mm for single head or twin stitched head a full height characters of  25mm (1").  Non porous substrates for example flexible packaging are standard applications for the icoder X200 TIJ printer using the new non-porous  PolyCode ink solution for plastics.  X200 Data Sheet

Industrial InkJet coding and Marking inks

A full range of coding and marking inks, solvent for printing on a broad range of substrates printing on to almost any surface and make-up, BestCode inks are manufactured and tested to exacting standards for optimum printer and application performance.  BestCode manufacturing centre has developed inks for all industry sectors, from general purpose black inks for food carton coding or process tolerant inks for beverage and bottle coding. Whatever your sector and application we can provide an ink which will give reliable performance at an economical price.

Quality and consistency of production are critical to ensuring printer and print performance, only highest quality raw materials are selected and rigorous manufacturing process control and testing are applied to ensure each batch is the same as the last, giving you the confidence and peace of mind when saving money using BestCode continuous inkjet inks supplied by icodersolutions  in your CIJ printers.


Continuous Inkjet CIJ Inks

High performance MEK
Fast Dry Acetone
Reduced Consumption Ethanol
Safe Acetone/Ethanol
High contrast Yellow
High contrast bright White
Process Tolerant CIJ Inks
Security UVInks

Service and consumable parts

icodersolutions sources fully compatible filters for all major brands of continuous inkjet printers  (CIJ).  Our  Filters ensure the inks are kept clean and minimise any potential nozzle blockage or misalignment by removing contamination which can be drawn into the printer ink tank or reservoir from the environment.  icoder filters are manufactured to absolute tolerances, extensively tested to ensure reliable operation and printer performance, with maximised filtration surface area to ensure reliable performance between service intervals.  We also supply complete service exchange ink modules, these are third party manufactured at competitive cost helping you to keep your totalcost of coding down.